As a medical librarian, I spend my days stumbling into strange bits of health knowledge. Many of these lean more towards bizarre than helpful, but I always want to share. So, follow my adventures in searching.


Beware of posting on the Fool’s Day

Last week, I was prepping a search on physician burnout, and wanted to find a few examples of postings from a health care professional perspective.  Aaaand, late in my search I found myself absolutely puzzled by this lovely link, purportedly on a new prophylactic procedure that numbs the brains of poor overworked residents so they can make it through the nights full of suffering patients.

Banish that pesky empathy!  “Excessive compassion is a problem all over the place”, don’t you know?  Of course, I then noticed the date of the post.  April 1.  Alright, so it’s a joke… and I smiled and shook my head.  But I also worried for the potential viewers who didn’t stay on the page long enough to pick up on the lampoon.  Or those who were offended regardless of the date.  Two of my colleagues and I teach a little ‘internet hygiene’ module intended to help future doctors realize the dangers of certain web missteps to their professionalism, and this made it on to the list for next year!